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GateHouse Treatment Announces LegitScript Certification

NASHUA, N.H., Jan. 15, 2019 /GateHouse Treatment/ — Leading New Hampshire drug and alcohol rehab, GateHouse Treatment is proud to announce that they are LegitScript Certified.

The LegitScript Certification confirms that GateHouse Treatment operates safely and legally with the best interest for people in recovery. GateHouse Treatment is one of the few drug and alcohol rehabs to meet the standards of the LegitScript certification process.

Over the years, GateHouse Treatment has been an influential drug and alcohol treatment program that has aided in saving the lives of people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, through supportive PHP addiction treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, interventions, family programs, and more. GateHouse Treatment has earned a nation-wide reputation as a premier drug and alcohol rehab. As a top tier drug rehab, GateHouse Treatment continues to lead the way with safer and transparent methods. The company is motivated by helping others improve their lives and achieve abstinence.

As a superior drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, GateHouse Treatment recognizes the importance of trust, transparency, and reliability of the services that they offer. GateHouse Treatment is delighted to serve families and individuals seeking solutions for recovery. All of those reasons tie into the push for GateHouse Treatment to achieve their LegitScript certification.

About Gatehouse Treatment

GateHouse Treatment and GH Recovery Solutions are nationally recognized providers of drug and alcohol addiction treatment services, with facilities located in Nashua, New Hampshire. GateHouse Treatment offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient services, including exclusive, innovative and evidence-based treatment modalities provided by staff with unparalleled levels of dedication and compassion.

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