Alumni Program


Drug and Alcohol rehab at GateHouse Treatment will only be a portion of your life. This is where your recovery begins. The tools gained in treatment continue being used for the rest of our client’s lives. At GateHouse Treatment, we realize the importance of helping our clients through not only the transition from treatment and back into life, but also the need to stay connected.

This program is in a place to help prevent relapse and provides patients and family with the necessary resources to stay on track. Every alumni program has different ways of staying in touch. We offer 24/7 contact with our staff if you or your loved ones ever need any assistance.
Along with this consistent contact from GateHouse Treatment, patients can also stay connected to their fellow alumni gaining insight and advice from fellow alumni who have more experience in recovery. The alumni program is designed to help with recovery and real-life issues. From life skills, job searches, advice about sobriety and fun get togethers, the entire program will help our alumni navigate life without the use of drugs and alcohol while also allowing them to experience the fun that can be had while staying sober!


Once a client in treatment graduates from the GateHouse Treatment program, they are no longer clients and are now alumni of GateHouse Treatment. This is their opportunity to take everything they have learned at GateHouse Treatment and apply it towards their recovery and their changing lives. It will be an amazing time where they will experience change and growth, yet life will always present its own challenges.

At GateHouse Treatment, we are fully committed to helping our alumni successfully readjust to life after treatment. The support they receive from the GateHouse Treatment Program is crucial to their long-term sobriety. At GateHouse Treatment, our clients become family and we will continue offering them long-term guidance for as long as they need.

Yearly GateHouse Alumni Events:

GateHouse Treatment also provides an annual BBQ event with food, games, music and much more. This event allows our growing Alumni community to bond, bringing all Alumni and their families together from across the country to celebrate their new-found life of recovery from addiction with drug and alcohol rehab.

Monthly GateHouse Treatment Alumni Events:

  • Ski Trips
  • Hiking Adventures
  • Meetings with food, fun, and fellowship
  • Bowling
  • Golf Outings
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • And so much more!

Life-Long Support

Staying connected to those on the same mission as you are an imperative part of maintaining sobriety. With a strong alumni program already in place at GateHouse Treatment, we are ensuring the long-term success of the clients and the families we help. Every client will always have a home here with us, at GateHouse Treatment.