Family Program


Addiction is a family disease. While only one person may have the disease of addiction, those closest to the addicted loved one are also impacted in a variety of ways. That is why when someone with substance abuse problems decides to get help, it is imperative that the family educate themselves about addiction and the recovery process. The healing must happen together.

The GateHouse Treatment Family Therapy Treatment Program offers loved ones of the addict or alcoholic the opportunity to become a part of their recovery process. This allows the family to recognize changes happening to both the addict and the family as a whole. You will learn about long-term recovery, and become educated on any triggers or future hurdles that could be encountered. Knowing how to handle these changes and what to expect, are key to the overall success of everyone in your family.

The experienced clinicians at GateHouse Treatment host a Family Program that brings families in to go over strategies that have been proven most effective in primary family systems where an individual is either still actively using or is in early recovery.

Not only does GateHouse Treatment involve the family in day to day treatment through weekly updates, and bi-weekly calls with our therapists, they also provide a full weekend where the entire family can be immersed in recovery.


The GateHouse Treatment approach for families is based off PF Skinners behavioral management. The basis of this therapy is one of reinforcing positive experiences. This is where it begins:

Phase One

For the first 30 days, family contact will be limited. GateHouse Treatment believes that the addicted loved one needs the first month to heal and take the time to focus on themselves. These 30 days also allows the clinicians and staff at GateHouse Treatment to get a better understanding of your loved one and determine the best course of action for the client. For families, the most important thing for them to remember during this time is that their loved one is safe. It is also important to note that the family will still receive updates on their loved one through weekly case management calls and calls from our licensed therapists.

Families who choose to participate in the Family Program will participate in a multitude of therapies designed to heal the family system.

Phase Two

Once it is appropriate, the family’s involvement during a loved one’s stay includes bi-weekly or as needed sessions with our Licensed family therapists, continued updates on how the loved one is doing, and increased contact with the client to work on family relationships.

The entire family will be asked to set healthy boundaries with each other through communication rules and agendas for sessions as well as any contact with the client.

If the family chooses, they will have the ability to come to our facility for more individualized family therapy directly with their loved one. GateHouse Treatment highly recommends families begin attending Al-Anon meetings before any kind of face to face therapy sessions are made available. The idea behind family involvement is that it is positive both for you and your loved one and that everyone is taking responsibility for the relationship by practicing mindfulness.

GateHouse Treatment’s Family Weekend

Our family weekend program is 3-night, 2-day program designed by our licensed family therapists. During the weekend program, you and your family will spend time learning about yourselves and your loved one, as well as how best to support your family member’s recovery and your own.

On the first day, you will go over a multitude of things including:

  • The Neurobiology of Addiction
  • Codependency and Sharing the Disease
  • The Disease Concept
  • Enabling vs. Helping
  • Family Genograms

On the second day of your family weekend you will go over tools such as:

  • Family Roles
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Emotional Clarity
  • Anger Vs Forgiveness
  • Spirituality

Every part of the family program is vital in the long-term success of your loved one’s sobriety as well as the health and wellness of your family unit.

Recovery for the whole family begins with the acceptance that we are powerless over the addicted person’s usage and/or behavior. GateHouse Treatment is where sobriety becomes a way of life; for those struggling and for the entire family.

For any questions about our GateHouse Treatment Family Therapy Program, please contact Gatehouse Treatment at (855) 448-3638.