Intensive Outpatient


At GateHouse Treatment, we offer intensive outpatient programs also referred to as IOP, for yourself or your loved one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. The design is meant to allow you to rebuild your life while also staying accountable to your recovery by staying in structured sober living, attending groups, individual therapy, and 12 step meetings.

IOP is a great option for you or your loved one after having completed detox and residential treatment. It is also a great option for clients who do not require residential or detox treatment. It is an added supplement to recovery and keeps the people we help centered while adjusting to life again. IOP is paramount to ensure the progress of sobriety in the long term.

  • IOP provides opportunities for you to develop communication skills and participate in socialization experiences; this is particularly useful for individuals whose socializing has revolved around using drugs or alcohol
  • IOP establishes an environment in which you help, support, and when necessary, confront one another
  • IOP introduces structure and discipline into the often-chaotic lives you or your loved one have lived.
  • IOP provides norms that reinforce healthful ways of interacting and a safe and supportive therapeutic milieu that is crucial for recovery
  • IOP also continues to advance individual recovery; group members who are further along in recovery can help other members
  • IOP provides a venue for group leaders to transmit new information, teach new skills, and guide clients as they practice new behaviors
  • IOP is a time where the client is reintroduced to working and learn to balance time between recovery and work

Individual Therapy: One-on-one sessions can be of great value for clients, giving them an opportunity to have a private therapy session weekly with one of our master’s level clinicians. This time can be used in several different ways. Clients may discuss their progress through treatment, setbacks, and successes in recovery, or address current issues or concerns they might have and be unwilling to discuss openly in a group setting.

Group Therapy: Group therapy is a fundamental part of any phase of treatment. During the Intensive Outpatient Program, clients will attend multiple groups each day. Group therapy allows individuals to share, and learn from the experiences of others, and receive support from those that are in a similar situation. This allows the group to learn there are benefits from peer support and through proper communication, led by a therapist, clients can learn skills that are essential to their long-term recovery.

Family Sessions: Addiction is a family disease. The impact of having a loved one who is addicted to alcohol or drugs can be felt across the whole family. The same way family members can be affected by their loved one’s struggles; it is crucial for them to also play a role in their recovery. The therapists will work with the client and client’s family through family therapy sessions that can be done at the facility or through phone/Skype sessions. For more information on how the family can participate in their loved one’s recovery, GateHouse Treatment offers a family program free of charge to our client’s families. For more information, visit our Family Program page.

Biofeedback Bed: In addition to medication management, we have a Biofeedback bed accessible to clients 1-2 times a week for 30-minute sessions, this is determined in clients individualized treatment plan. The Biofeedback bed is used as a way of guided meditation and has therapeutic value for a majority of our clients, with different programs that focus on working clients through anxiety, issues arising from PTSD, and those with emotional regulation struggles have had great success with using the Biofeedback bed. Throughout the process the client’s heartbeat and respiration is tracked and recorded, this ensures that all information is brought back to medical staff and therapist to ensure the most benefit to the client in a safe manner. Guided meditations and features allow clients to disengage from thought patterns that previously have been detrimental to their recovery.

Medication Management: Certain psychotropic medications are necessary for those suffering from a mental health illness along with substance abuse. After visiting with our psychiatrist, they will discuss a medication plan with the patient, using only non-narcotic medications to benefit the patient. When a client in our Intensive Outpatient Program has been prescribed medication, the client will be educated on the medication prescribed. This medication management is proper preparation for healthy medication management once the client leaves the facility.

IOP at GateHouse Treatment encompasses all of this and more. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is specifically designed with therapy, case management, and 12 steps so that the men and women who are with us get and stay sober.

Gender Specific Addiction Treatment

Gatehouse Treatment offers a separate men and women’s treatment program. It has long been shown as being more effective in establishing long-term sobriety in our clients. Receiving treatment with your gender specifically helps maintain a focus on your recovery and it is easier to address topics that are unique to each gender in a comfortable setting. We keep our clients in mind when we design our treatment programs and want to offer them the most beneficial treatment and gender-specific addiction programs allow us to do that.

GateHouse Treatment Women’s IOP

The GateHouse Treatment Women’s Program is designed to help women seeking long-term recovery. Our women’s program is typically longer than a standard 28-day substance abuse disorder rehab, to give women a better foundation for their recovery. Our women’s program is ideal for women who have completed detox and an inpatient program or for those who did not need to attend an inpatient facility or go through detox and are looking to recover. Our women’s treatment program consists of a women’s Intensive Outpatient Program, Women’s Sober Living, and includes specific therapies for women and a women’s Family Program.

GateHouse Treatment Men’s IOP

In both of our gender-specific treatment programs, we offer nothing but the best addiction treatment to our clients. Our men’s program at GateHouse Treatment is for men seeking recovery from drug addiction and substance abuse disorders. We want the men that come through our program to have the best chance of long-term sobriety. We tailor our program to incorporate evidence-based treatment options that we have seen work firsthand in previous clients. We offer a long-term treatment course for men including, a Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program,  and our GateHouse Treatment Men’s Family program.

Please contact GateHouse Treatment today for yourself or a loved one seeking long term recovery from addiction. Call us at (855)-448-3588.