Outpatient Treatment


The idea of outpatient treatment is that by this time, clients have found gainful employment they can begin to work towards their long-term goals. The outpatient program phase allows our clients to stay with our facility for an extended period after they have completed the other phases of the program successfully.

We hope to continue being the support our clients at times need when life stressors; such as employment, bills, family and friends get added to their recovery. It is imperative our clients learn to reintegrate back into society and start to regain responsibilities yet still maintain strong in their recovery program. Outpatient at GateHouse Treatment serves as a strong and consistent guide as our clients begin to further integrate into society.

  • Evening weekly outpatient schedule allows clients to maintain employment
  • Individual therapy, relapse prevention groups, trauma groups
  • Intensive therapy with master’s level clinicians
  • Night-time case management services including legal, financial aid, etc.
  • Regular appointments with our medical team to address medications or other health issues
  • Needed accountability which helps to achieve long-term recovery


Individual Sessions

Clients in GateHouse Treatment’s outpatient program will meet with their primary therapist at least once a week. This additional support is imperative to allow them to continue working on their personal goals and have someone they trust to stand by them as they face challenges in their daily lives.

Our experienced therapists give clients individualized care to meet their unique needs. Clients can learn how to resolve workplace issues or conflicts, as well as cope with the stress of being employed. Clients will also be held accountable by their therapists who will check in on their meeting schedules, step work, and overall if their recovery is still a number one priority.

Group Therapy

Our working clients spend a lot more of their day outside our program and away from the community. While in group therapy, they are able to continue having strong peer support and take input from other clients who are going through similar challenges they are facing. As a group, they can also celebrate individual achievements and milestones together.

The group sessions in our outpatient program will vary based on the group’s needs. The therapies used during group sessions will range from psychodramas to check-ins and process groups. One group each week will be focused on relapse prevention. Our relapse prevention group is designed to equip you with tools you can use to avoid using or drinking while making sobriety a way of life.

It is of paramount importance that anyone searching for sobriety has a sense of stability, support, and accountability. Our therapy sessions, consistent schedule and routine drug testing provide this additional level of security to allow our clients to maintain their sobriety.

Client Care

Our client care services are just as important to our other clients as they are to our outpatient clients. We recognize this and ensure our outpatient clients have access to a case manager who they can go to with legal follow up on pending court matters, preparing for interviews, paying bills, and more.

Customized Treatment

The number of groups to attend and frequency during the outpatient program will vary depending on the client’s and therapist’s input as well as client’s work schedule. It is suggested clients attend at least one group therapy session and one individual therapy session every week for continued support. The long-term accountability and stability that the outpatient program provides for clients is essential in allowing the client to establish themselves in continuing care groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to achieve long-term sobriety and a new way of life.

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