6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Group Therapy In Drug Rehab Treatment


How Effective Is Group Therapy in Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment

If you’re like most people thinking about enrolling in drug rehab, you’re probably worried about attending group therapy sessions. While some people do well in social settings, other people tend to be standoffish. One of the reasons why some people in drug treatment tend to pull away from group therapy sessions is that they struggle with anxiety issues. To be honest, everyone battles with anxiety. Even if they don’t show it, everyone struggles with their insecurities. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that we should ignore our fears. Instead, we should overcome them.

With this in mind, drug rehab group therapy is a powerful way to overcome your anxieties and learn how to express yourself.  Generally speaking, you probably feel guilty about using drugs, or think that your addiction makes you less of a person. But keep in mind, you don’t have to face your drug addiction alone. At the same time, your voice might be enough to uplift someone else. That being said, don’t’ let your past prevent you from taking the right steps into the future. Take full advantage of our drug rehab group therapy sessions. Open yourself up to a truly life-changing opportunity.  Here are 6 things everyone should do to make the most out of drug rehab group therapy.

Get The Most Out Of Group Therapy

    1. Learn How To Listen To Others In Drug Rehab Group Therapy Sessions:

      The first way to maximize your time in group therapy is to open up. Believe it or not, we understand that opening up in group therapy is a lot more difficult than it sounds. But, it’s not impossible. In fact, with the right amount of confidence, anyone can open up. Remember, here at Gatehouse Treatment drug rehab; we offer no judgment group therapy sessions.  In other words, we don’t believe in judging people because of their prior history. With this in mind, we want everyone in group therapy to get involved.

      Whether this means taking a moment to speak to the group as a whole, or building friendships with people in your group session. All in all, our group therapy sessions are designed to help you grow.  However, it’s impossible to develop if you never open up. Chances are, if you don’t open up, you will find it difficult to find new opportunities to improve.  In essence, once you close yourself off from the world, you block out all of the great things coming your way. However, whenever you open yourself up to the world everything that it has to offer, you create more flow in your life.  Regarding flow, you make it easier for opportunities and growth to flow through your life. With this mind, try to open up as much as possible.

    2. Learn How To Listen To Others In Drug Rehab Group Therapy Sessions:

      Despite what most people believe, listening is an essential part of recovery. Listening to other peoples stories can help you gain clarity about your situation. In some cases, listening can even make you appreciate your family more you already do. Another reason why listening to others is an essential part of drug rehab treatment is that helps you see things for what they are. When most people think about life, they tend to see things how they want to look at them, or how they need to view them. But, whenever you take the extra time to see things exactly how they are you, you can see what is wrong. Henceforth, in those moments where you can see what is wrong, you can take the right measures to get yourself back on track. Above all things, listening to others in group therapy is a great way to build relationships with other people. At the same time, taking the right amount of time to listen to other people speak will make them want to give you the same level of respect once you share your story.

    3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

      Once you get done listening to everyone, don’t be afraid ask questions. Believe it or not, most people enjoy answering your questions. Especially if they can help you overcome your addiction. While it’s easy for someone to give you their advice, it’s always better coming from someone that knows what you’re going through. For example, you might be overcoming alcohol addiction, or drug addiction and your nervous about what people might think of you. If you ask someone in your group therapy session how they defeated the opinions of others, this might help you.

      At the same time, your question might help someone else overcome their addiction problems. Chances are, if your struggling with a problem, there’s someone in the room struggling with the same problem.  Think about it. You may have a completely different perspective on things than most people. Therefore, your questions may give someone in drug rehab treatment a completely different perspective on their problem. You can even help someone transform their fears into confidence. That’s right. We all need people to ask us questions and help us establish the belief that we need to recover from our drug addiction. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

    4. Remember The Context Of Our Words Are Just As Important As Our Words

      As we all know, we can’t control what other people do. But, we can control ourselves. Therefore, we need to control how we choose to use our words. With this in mind, we need to make sure we control our tone of voice. Contrary to what most people believe, your tone of voice can send mixed signals to other people. Once this happens, you may create an uncomfortable environment in group therapy. Not to mention, no verbal behavior can also have an adverse effect on your experience in drug rehab. For instance, if you choose to isolate yourself from the group with your arms folded, you may miss out on the opportunity to interact with the other people in your drug rehab group therapy session.

    5. Try Holding A Conversation With New People In Your Drug Rehab Group Therapy

      Whether you’re new to drug rehab group therapy, or your a returning member, building new relationships is always great in drug rehab treatment. For starters, building new relationships with like-minded people can help you establish the support system that you need to achieve sobriety. Another reason why building new relationships in drug rehab are important is that it can help you grow more comfortable with holding relationships with people that you don’t know. As a result, this can help you feel more comfortable everywhere you go. In addition, this can also help you gain more confidence. As mentioned before, most people feel anxious whenever they are forced to enter into new social settings. With this in mind, being able to hold a conversation with anyone is a stress reliever.

    6. Build Support Relationships

      Last but not least, utilizing group therapy to build your support group is an effective way to overcome your drug addiction. Such support groups can help you stay focused on your sobriety. They can also help you express your feelings after group therapy is over.  Not to mention, support groups can also help you stay accountable for your goals. While most people like to say they are perfect, in all reality we are all working on ourselves. Therefore, it is helpful to have someone there to help us navigate through the trials and tribulations of drug addiction treatment.

Now that you know how to make the most out of your group therapy sessions, come join our group therapy sessions here at Gatehouse Treatment. Let us help you establish the kind of relationships that can help you transform your life into a better recovery. Give us a chance to help you achieve sobriety. Contact Gatehouse Treatment drug and alcohol rehab today at (855) 448-3588

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