Partial Hospitalization Programs: 3 Important Things to Consider

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), around 10% of Americans will suffer from a substance abuse disorder at some point in their life. Difficulties may arise when interacting with the world and indulging in an addiction, which can destroy your health, relationships, career, psychological well-being, safety, and legal situation. The problem of drug addiction is serious and widespread, putting your entire life in jeopardy.

The best method to recover from an addiction is with specialized professional help. Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are the best choice for those who desire independence and flexibility on the road to recovery. Suppose you need the highest level of care in a controlled environment and the ability to continue working toward your goals or taking care of your family. In that case, partial hospitalization can help you beat severe addiction.

Even though sometimes we wish we could drop everything and focus on healing addiction alone, life stops for no one. There are responsibilities to attend, school or work to be done, and people to see. Sometimes we feel that an isolated recovery is terrible for our mental state, and getting better within the world is natural, healthier, and leads to more lasting sobriety. 

But how do you find a program that suits all your needs? What is the gold standard of excellence in partial hospitalization programs? It takes a little homework, but below are some things to consider when choosing who to trust and what is best.

Safe, Comfortable, Supportive Housing

During partial hospitalization, it’s best to avoid your usual environment. Your home atmosphere may not be as supportive as you desire or may be full of stressors. Separating yourself from the situation is crucial if you live with or near users. Finding a new environment is vital to partial hospitalization since it breaks the patterns that reinforce addiction.

Sober homes give you a place to unwind while focusing on yourself and being away from the most stressful parts of life. You may also form healthy friendships based on principles of recovery and growth. You first want to look for safety. Do you like the area? Is it close to nature, the city, or whatever you prefer? Is this a place where you can be at ease? Does the aesthetic spark joy? Not every partial hospitalization program offers the above, but GateHouse does!

GateHouse Treatment offers gender-specific sober homes with all expected amenities: Wi-Fi, large tv, modern kitchen appliances, in-house laundry, and spacious areas. Behavior technicians pay round-the-clock staff attention to ensure you stick to your plan. House meetings with your partners-in-recovery frequently occur so you can support each other and address issues. Additionally, we understand many of us may have legal issues or DUIs, so we offer transportation to groceries, job interviews, court dates, and any clinical matters.

Individualized Therapy

No two addictions will be the same. Everyone’s addiction has a different severity, and the underlying causes for substance abuse are as many as stars in the night sky. During partial hospitalization, you will spend several hours receiving therapy for your condition. PHP should never be a completely isolated process.

There will be group therapies where you can hear and learn from the stories of others, as well as meetings in the sober home. But the best partial hospitalization programs will include a heavy element of personalization. First is scheduling; depending on your addiction, you might need three or five days of therapy, one less intrusive overall.

Sometimes we don’t want to discuss discrete matters in front of others. You should check that, as GateHouse Treatment does, your program comes with one-on-one sessions. During these, you can speak to an expert clinician about your deepest concerns. Medication management is also a key part of partial hospitalization. If your therapy requires medication, a staff member will oversee maintaining its correct application.

Therapy and medication are not the only forms of individualization. GateHouse Treatment also offers therapy with family members if you desire to mend the bonds and help them understand your condition. Additionally, there are innovative therapies that you can try out such as Biofeedback therapy. This teaches you to control your body’s ambient processes, such as breathing and heart rate, to learn coping mechanisms that inoculate it against stress.

Continuing Support

Recovery is a lifelong process; treatment doesn’t stop when you walk out of a facility. Sticking with your sobriety goals shouldn’t be a lonely experience, and it’s always easier when done with others. That’s why your partial hospitalization program should find ways to build continuing support for when official treatment ends and life continues.

That’s where an aftercare plan can come in handy. There is, of course, the possibility of continuing outpatient or individual therapy, but ongoing support can come in many ways. Scheduling doctor’s appointments, alum support and meetings in the form of camping events, skiing trips, bowling, and golf, among other events. Of course, GateHouse Treatment will also help you find a sponsor for the 12 steps program. Another way in which GateHouse Treatment can help is with employment support. While you are in therapy, we can help you look for a job to ensure that you have a stable safety net upon your exit.

A top-of-the-line partial hospitalization plan should help you maintain the fight against addiction. After all, we don’t want to see you back!

GateHouse Treatment

No matter what you might be going through, GateHouse Treatment is prepared with compassionate, high-quality care to help you on the way to sobriety and happiness. We offer all the amenities mentioned above, in addition to outpatient programs. Our facilities are safe, comfortable, and near nature.

 Our team of experts is attentive, experienced, and caring, ready to support the challenges you and your family are facing. It all starts with a phone call. Feel free to contact us through our website or call us at (855) 448-3588 to start your path to recovery. We can help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to beat your addiction together.

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