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6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Group Therapy In Drug Rehab Treatment

How Effective Is Group Therapy in Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment If you’re like most people thinking about enrolling in drug rehab, you’re probably worried about attending group therapy sessions. While some people do well in social settings, other people tend to be standoffish. One of the reasons why some people in drug treatment tend to

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Cocaine Addiction Cardiovascular Disease Heart Problems 101

If you or your loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, it’s time to have a heart to heart. In recent studies, cocaine abuse has played a devasting role in cardiovascular heart problems. According to the American Heart Association, ” cocaine is the perfect heart attack drug.”  Furthermore, they also state that ” In 2011,

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How Drug Addiction Hurts Relationships And Destroys Families

Relationships Issues Can Be Caused By Addiction When it comes down to relationships and drug addiction, there’s never a happy ending. Your drug addiction can make you lose everyone that you love. From close family members to long-time childhood friends, you can lose everyone in a matter of seconds.  And while your social life problems

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5 Reasons Why Out Of State Drug Rehab Is For You

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Out Of State Drug Rehab Out of state drug rehab information The benefits of out of state drug rehab are compelling for drug addicts and alcoholics. Beyond the opportunity to travel, rehab out of state can help you get the drug addiction treatment that you might not be

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How Do I Know If I Need Drug Rehab?

How Do I Know If Drug Rehab Is For Me? Answer these 5 Questions to see if you need to check into a drug rehabilitation center Considering drug rehab? Not sure if drug rehabilitation is the best treatment for you? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the National Survey on Drug Use

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Long Term Drug Rehab VS Short Term Rehab: Which is Better?

When deciding what drug rehab to go to, the benefits of certain programs are weighed against each other. The decision is usually based on how long the drug rehab program is, whether it be a long-term addiction treatment program or a short-term rehab. There are benefits of both, although long-term rehab often provides a higher

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How to Tell Your Children You’re Going to Drug Rehab

Deciding to go to rehab is a monumental step towards your recovery. What about your children? Should you tell your children you’re going to drug rehab? Whether they are teenagers, toddlers or adults it’s hard to explain where you’re going. How can you explain drug addiction to a child? When should you explain it? At

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How to Tell Your Boss You’re Leaving for Rehab

Deciding to go to drug rehab is monumental, changing your life for the better isn’t always easy. Before you leave for treatment, there are many obstacles you must face, such as telling your boss you’re leaving for substance abuse treatment. If you’re struggling with this task, we have some tips on how to tell your

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Biofeedback: Training the Brain for Sobriety

  BIOFEEDBACK: TRAINING THE BRAIN FOR SOBRIETY Imagine if you could train your brain in drug and alcohol rehab — strengthening positive habits and minimizing destructive patterns — by playing a video game. It sounds like science fiction, but that is the (vastly simplified) idea behind neurofeedback therapy. During a session, a client’s brainwaves are measured

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GateHouse Treatment Partnership Provides Scholarship for Drug Treatment

The Danbury and Alexandria Police Departments have teamed up on a new level in their fight against addiction by offering a 30 day scholarship to anyone who is willing to enter GateHouse Treatment Center in Nashua to overcome their issues through drug rehabs in NH with anything from methamphetamines to cocaine, crack, opioids, alcohol or any other addictive substance. “We welcome hearing from anyone, but we’re really just

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