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The Dangers of Relapse: Essential Tips You Need to Know

Addiction Relapse is more common in dependency treatment than one would think; this is a fact many experts in the field will tell you early on in recovery. Studies show as many as 85% of people suffering from addiction experience a relapse. Relapsing can feel like a personal failure for many individuals battling addiction, but

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addiction and emotions

Addiction and Emotions: The Rollercoaster of Recovery

It is no secret that addiction and emotions are closely linked. More and more studies to further understand the connection between addiction and emotions to improve treatment options for addicts looking for lasting sobriety are published daily. Specialists in substance abuse are starting to recognize how emotions can trigger addictive behaviors that lead individuals to

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alcohol addiction

5 Harmful Ways Alcohol Abuse Impacts The Brain

Most people understand the adverse effects of alcohol; after all, at one point or another, we’ve experienced it. Hangovers the mornings after are apparent signs that whatever it does to the brain isn’t good. Alcohol abuse scars the liver, hurts the heart, and negatively affects the brain. Within 5 to 10 minutes of reaching your

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Fentanyl Addiction

Living with a Fentanyl Addiction: A Scary Reality

Living with a fentanyl addiction is a terrifying and chaotic reality many never expected to experience. As the opioid epidemic sweeps the nation, more individuals lose their will to stay sober and their lives to deadly overdoses. Fentanyl addiction affects people from all walks of life, some with a history of heavy drug use, others

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4 Important Ways You Can Support Friends or Family in Rehab

GateHouse Treatment has as much experience with friends and family supporting our patients in rehab as we do with our patients. Saying goodbye to a loved one undergoing drug addiction treatment can be highly stressful. Nothing can brace you from being separated from someone you care about, and you may be worried about the journey

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partial hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Programs: 3 Important Things to Consider

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), around 10% of Americans will suffer from a substance abuse disorder at some point in their life. Difficulties may arise when interacting with the world and indulging in an addiction, which can destroy your health, relationships, career, psychological well-being, safety, and legal situation. The problem of drug

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Dope Sick

What is “Dope Sick?” Defining the Triggering Term Every Addict Knows

When parents, siblings, or friends become exposed to the life of addiction, it can mean hearing unfamiliar terms or phrases. Among those is the slang “dope sick.” Even if you’ve heard the words, they likely came from pop culture, maybe a film or television character’s dialog or song lyrics.  Dope sick is a phrase commonly

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Fentanyl Fact

Fentanyl Facts You Need to Know: Understanding the Crisis

The fentanyl addiction epidemic we are living through is sweeping the nation and leaving entire communities in complete despair. In response to this crisis, it’s essential to understand fentanyl facts and how the drug can affect your life whether you consume street drugs or not. Awareness of fentanyl facts helps us address the crisis head-on

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exercise fights addiction

5 Powerful Ways Exercise Fights Addiction

Everyone, on some level, understands that exercise has positive effects. What needs to be clarified is how exercise can help curb addiction. We’ve all heard of the phrase “runner’s high”, the euphoria after a long period of cardio. Still, exercise’s effects on addiction are varied and impossible to be captured under a single umbrella term.

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