What to Expect When Your Adult Child Goes to Rehab

No matter the age of your child, they are still your child. From before you held them in your arms until the present day, I’m sure you never once thought, “I wonder what will happen when I beg my son or daughter to go to rehab?” Unfortunately, some parents will have to face that question. No matter the age of your child, you care about their wellbeing. This article can help you know what to do when your adult child goes to rehab.

GateHouse Treatment is an established and respected drug and alcohol rehab center with clinics in Nashua, New Hampshire and near Nashville, Tennessee. If you want to get your adult child started with drug or alcohol rehab or if you have questions, go ahead and contact our addiction specialists.

The disease of addiction does not discriminate, and sometimes it takes your child from you. What can you expect when your adult child is going to rehab? How can you help yourself, and how can you help your adult child?

What to Expect If Your Adult Child Goes to Rehab

Dealing with your adult child is never easy; throw substance use into the mix, and this task becomes even more challenging. How can you go about broaching the subject of treatment? When someone confronts an addict about their use, regardless of if they are your child or not, it usually doesn’t go smoothly. Do not try to bargain with your child, saying things like “If you go to treatment, I’ll let you come back home” or “If you stop using, I’ll get you ___.” Incentivizing treatment is a sure way to be disappointed if your child doesn’t stay sober or continue to work towards actual recovery. It may also give them a lousy reason to get sober. Unfortunately, it will prolong their use until the pain becomes significant enough for your adult child to want to stop on their own.

The only way to start addressing the problem is to talk about it. Talk about how your child needs treatment for addiction, medically known as Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Ask them to be honest (although they may lie) and devise a plan together. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching the subject, contact an interventionist who is a professional in getting people into rehab, especially adult children. A professional interventionist can guide you through this.

My Adult Child Has Entered Rehab; What Now?

Addiction affects the family. Your child might think they are only harming themselves, but the entire family suffers.

Researching treatment facilities before sending your adult child to rehab can be beneficial. See if they offer a family program that will allow you to get help for your family and talk some things through with your child in a safe environment.

Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Despite going to treatment, your child could relapse unless there is consistent work towards recovery. It is imperative to start taking care of yourself. If you are unhealthy, there is no way you can be of assistance to another person. You are just as important as your child who is struggling with substance use.

My Child Is Ready to Leave Rehab; What’s the Next Step?

Most inpatient facilities are only 30 days long. A month isn’t enough time to fix years of abuse and behaviors associated with substance abuse. Suppose your adult child is in a long-term treatment facility that gives them more time to get acquainted with recovery and hopefully begin working a 12-step program. At GateHouse, we are a 12-step and therapy-based program. Therapy can clear the way to be able to work a 12-step program. Therapy can also address any underlying mental health disorders that may be co-occurring.

After discharge from a rehab facility, it is highly recommended that your adult child move into a sober living home. It gives them accountability in a setting where recovery is the norm and people around them are in the same predicament. Sober living also ensures that if they use or drink, they will have consequences instead of continuing down the path to self-destruction. Some sober living homes also have an outpatient program, meaning your child would continue treatment while staying in a sober environment with supervision.

Everything leading up to your adult child undergoing treatment is exhausting and emotional. Leaving rehab won’t end the rollercoaster of emotions and rough patches, but it can be the end of your adult child’s active addiction.

Continue taking care of yourself as well; investing your time and energy in yourself is healthy behavior. Keeping yourself healthy is one of the ways to help your adult child through drug rehab and afterward.

My Adult Child Is Ready to Go to Drug Rehab

We also recommend medication-assisted treatment, which is beneficial to maintaining abstinence-based sobriety. Sobriety can become a way of life for your child. You can all heal; we can help.

If your adult child is ready to go to substance use treatment, contact GateHouse Treatment today at 855-448-3588. We have admissions staff on call 24/7. We can help you help your adult child who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.



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