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EtOH Addiction: Several folded newspapers with the middle one showing 'ETHANOL' in a large font.

Ethanol (EtOH) Abuse: 6 Facts About Alcohol and Its Dangerous Effects

Addiction is challenging for those suffering from it and their loved ones. As if understanding the struggle of addiction and the process of recovery wasn’t discouraging enough, there’s still a lot of mystery and stigma surrounding why people become addicted in the first place. Furthermore, these disillusions increase barriers to accessing addiction treatment.

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Teen Addiction

Teen Addiction: Know the Warning Signs

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is an incredible week-long event established to promote the accurate spread of helpful information regarding addiction, alcohol, and drugs. NDAFW happens yearly and fosters inspiring conversations regarding the science of drug use, particularly teen addiction and substance use, through a nonjudgmental lens. During this event, teens, parents, specialists, and

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alcohol addiction

5 Harmful Ways Alcohol Abuse Impacts The Brain

Most people understand the adverse effects of alcohol; after all, at one point or another, we’ve experienced it. Hangovers the mornings after are apparent signs that whatever it does to the brain isn’t good. Alcohol abuse scars the liver, hurts the heart, and negatively affects the brain. Within 5 to 10 minutes of reaching your

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exercise fights addiction

5 Powerful Ways Exercise Fights Addiction

Everyone, on some level, understands that exercise has positive effects. What needs to be clarified is how exercise can help curb addiction. We’ve all heard of the phrase “runner’s high”, the euphoria after a long period of cardio. Still, exercise’s effects on addiction are varied and impossible to be captured under a single umbrella term.

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Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol Poisoning: The Deadly Danger of Exceeding Your Limit 

Despite what many may believe, alcohol poisoning can affect anyone and is not limited to the stereotypical “alcoholic” or first-time teenage partygoer. Alcohol poisoning can happen if you’re out celebrating with friends after a big job win or even having some wine alone at home during an emotionally difficult time. It can occur intentionally or

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4 problems with mommy wine culture banner image

4 Problems with Mommy Wine Culture

What started as a way for moms to socialize, have a little fun, and serve as a source of playful memes and social media material ten years ago is now developing into physical and mental health crisis. “Mommy Wine Culture,” originally conceived as a way for overworked and stressed-out moms to relax and enjoy each

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Alcoholism And It’s Effects On Single Mothers

How Does Alcoholism Effect Single Mothers When most people think about parents struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s common for people to undermine the struggles of a single mother with alcohol addiction.  But believe it or not, alcohol addiction for single mothers is a constant uphill battle. Even if a single mother doesn’t think that she has

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Women’s Alcohol Addiction Is On The Rise

Increase in Alcohol Addiction Amongst Women Once upon a time, men consumed more alcohol than women. Over the years, women’s alcohol addiction has been on the rise. In fact, women are starting to catch up to men.  According to the WebMD “ female alcohol use disorder in the United States increased by 83.7%”.  Which means,

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