Women’s Alcohol Addiction Is On The Rise


Increase in Alcohol Addiction Amongst Women

Once upon a time, men consumed more alcohol than women. Over the years, women’s alcohol addiction has been on the rise. In fact, women are starting to catch up to men.  According to the WebMD “ female alcohol use disorder in the United States increased by 83.7%”.  Which means, more women are struggling with alcohol use disorder problems than ever before. So, why is alcohol consumption becoming more prevalent in women today? What are the risks of alcohol abuse in women? And, if you’re a woman struggling with alcohol addiction,  what kind of treatment do you need to help you overcome your addiction. Find out everything you need to know about women’s alcohol addiction right here. Once you’re done, let us help you or your loved one get the alcohol addiction treatment that they need.

Why Is Alcohol Addiction Increasing in Women?

When it comes down to the case of more women struggling with alcohol addiction, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. For starters,  alcohol addiction in women has never been confronted up until now.  In the past, women were told that men were more likely to become addicted to alcohol. Henceforth, most women do not take into consideration all of the risks that come with alcoholism. At the same time,  some women may not have been informed about how much more severe alcohol dependence can be for women than men.

Another assumption why alcohol abuse has increased amongst women, is more women are joining the workforce.  According to the United States Department of Labor, “women are projected to account for 51 percent of the increase in total labor force growth between 2008  and 2018”. In essence, more women are being called upon to provide for their households. As a result,  countless women are forced to endure high levels of stress. Consequently, more women turn to alcohol as an escape from their problems. But little do they know,  their alcohol drinking habits can lead them down a path of destruction.

Beyond stress,  alcohol advertisements also play a major role in women’s alcohol addiction. Most advertisements that promote the use of alcohol consumption also promote alcohol as a way to cope with stress, and the never-ending demands of daily life. Plus with leading-edge technology,  advertisers are better able to target women specifically based on their needs and problems.

After taking a close look at each of these factors, it’s obvious that they each play a vital role in the increase in women’s alcohol addiction.

What Are The Risks Of Alcohol Abuse In Women?

The risks of alcohol abuse in women with alcohol use disorder include psychiatric problems, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, suicidality, and domestic violence. Women’s alcohol use also encourages alcohol dependence, increased breast cancer, and an increased risk of sexual assault.  In the same light, alcohol-related problems among women also cause:

  • Alcohol-related injuries: women struggling with alcohol addiction problems are more likely to experience alcohol-related injuries. Women have a tendency to experience high levels of blackouts because of alcohol.
  • Breast Cancer: research consistently shows that drinking alcoholic beverages increases a women’s risk of breast cancer.
  • Cardiovascular Disease: Alcohol can cause a temporary increase in a woman’s heart rate and blood pressure. In the process, heavy drinking can cause women to experience deadly heart palpitations. As a result, alcohol abuse can cause severe strokes in women
  • Eating Disorders: According to the National Institute of on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and U.S. Department of Agriculture,  people with an alcohol addiction display poor eating habits while drinking.
  • Alcohol Dependence: Women have a higher chance of becoming dependent on alcohol. According to a recent study by US Pharmacy women are more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol.

Where Can You Find Women’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Women struggling with alcohol addiction need the proper alcohol addiction rehab treatment. They need a safe and healthy environment that can inspire them to reach an effective recovery.  Women alcoholics should consider enrolling in Gatehouse Treatment. We offer professionally licensed alcohol addiction therapist that specializes in women’s recovery. We also offer a wide range of services  for women including:

If you ’re a woman struggling with alcohol abuse, it’s time to find the help you need. Let our alcohol addiction rehab help you get your life back on track. Come experience the best women’s alcohol abuse treatment center for you. Contact Gatehouse Treatment today at (855) 448-3588.

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